by Sarahtonin

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    Sarahtonin's debut release. Eclectic rock, artistic yet down-to-earth, dark but playful, with excellent work on guitars, drums, vocal harmonies, flute, violin, bari sax, oboe and other unusual sounds. From spacey acoustic to edgy electric. Poetry and pretty pictures included in full-colour lyric booklet.

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"What kind of music is it?" people will ask, and I'm supposed to know, but it doesn't really fit nicely into any simple category. It's rock. But it's also alternative. And folky rock. With jazzy and funky bits, and even classical. I suppose it belongs somewhere on the Beatles "family tree," but then, what rock band doesn't?

Hmm, well, it's unusual, but it's melodic, has good beats, lots of vocal harmonies, and interesting instruments added to the basic rock set-up, like violin, flutes, bass clarinet, oboe, etc.

I like to call it "Crazy Music for the Hopelessly Sane."

I've got it -- listen to a bit of each, then YOU tell US what kind of music it is. (And don't forget to buy a bunch -- we need to money to finish album #2.)


Meanwhile, I'm making a video that plays the whole album in 5 or 10 minutes, including lyrics and artwork and reviews. That should eliminate the need for all these wordy explanations.


released August 1, 2013

Sarah Jane Burke - guitars, bass, piano, vocals
Ryan McPhaill - drums, percussion
Sarah Tiedemann - flutes of various sizes, backing vocals
Rich Harris - guitar solos, mandolin, harmonica
Marty Jennings (RIP) - amazing violin
Tom Cheek - Baritone sax, bass clarinet
Jeffrey Kauffman - piano on "Invisible Superman"
Erin Pasco - oboe
Autumn Rouse - special vocal on "Mile After Mile"



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Sarahtonin Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Mile After Mile
Mile After Mile

If I could tell you my dream
Would you be more than a friend?
A pillow swallows my scream
And mile after mile I pretend
That I'm not aching to share my world
A secret longing to be your gypsy girl
Another reason, another game
Another feeling without a name

Would you love me
If I should ever be?

Where is the ocean today?
The air is grey as a stone
You're but a forearm away
And mile after mile I'm alone
In California, I'll clear the air
With love in my eyes and flowers in my hair
Another reason, another game
Another feeling without a name

Would you love me
If I should ever be?
Track Name: Go Home
Go Home

I dream i am flying
I see you crying
And crash into pieces in my bed
I stand in the shower
About an hour
Perfecting the things I should have said

Go home
Cut your blessings, count your losses,
Let me guess, you'll bear your cross alone?

The Queen of Denial
Prepares a smile
So maybe the mirror will be kind
The King of Desire
Is breathing fire
Defiling the princes in his mind

Go Home
Close the book, get off the train,
Dislodge the hook that makes your pain a poem

A little bit smarter
I'm not a martyr
I don't want to lose my self again
Composing the breathing
To cool the seething
I'm closing my eyes to count to ten

Go Home
Take a taxi, take a sleigh
Or take a ocean holiday to Rome

Fighting to remember
Why i never could forget you before
I walk with the waves and i close my eyes
And i try and i cry but i don't hear you anymore

I dream i am flying
I see you crying
I drop you a tear and sail away
I fly like a sparrow
A human arrow
Adrift in the dawning light of day

Go Home
Track Name: Blow It Up Now
Blow It Up Now

No more candy bars
No more airplanes, no more cars
No more ice cream, no TV
It's the end for you and me

No more Mary Lou
No Marie, Bob, Dave, or Sue
Mom and dad and baby Blue
Blown away with me and you

Blow it up now

No more holidays
No more ballgames, no more plays
No more sailing 'cross the sea
It's the end of history

No more hands to hold
No more shelter from the cold
No more voice, no tears to cry
Lonely sadness in the sky

Blow it up now
I can't stand the suspense
Blow it up now
We'll call it self-defense
Track Name: Wyoming

Hey, glad you happened my way
It's been a while, hope I don’t misconstrue it
I, like a cloud in the sky, kinda drift
And I guess that you knew it
Don't be alarmed if you note
That I'm not what I was monday morning
Time goes too slow, I don't mind
But you know I could change without warning

Got a girl in my eye
And it's making me cry
Like a moth she would fly
To the flame . . .

Farm in Wyoming, a charmed
Little girl wants to dance and be pretty
Mom says it's evil it's wrong
Be a nun and forget New York City
Sent to the waywards' convent
When the wine and her father betrayed her
Soon by the light of the moon
She bore twins, little Possum and Tater

Came the light of the dawn
And the babies were gone
To a home with a lawn
And a name

Train to an ocean of rain
Far away from her old prairie jailers
There, blue-grey wind in her hair,
Got a job, fell in love with a sailor
Why? Why New York in her sigh?
Was she there once before as another?
She, in the port by the sea
Was a woman in spite of her mother

I could show you a song
But I waited too long
So for now let's go on
With the game
Track Name: Endless

Tiny white blossom on a stone mossy wall
Warm wind in the trees dims your cold phantom call
Aurora dancing pale ethereal flame
A slow single tear as they whisper my name

The searching, the scheming
The wond'ring, the dreaming
Of an endless day
As time writes an ending to my play

Jade mountain forest sun perfume reverie
Azure water sings all the way to the sea
Why do they say goodbye to me?
Track Name: Invisible Superman
Invisible Superman

Beam of light through
A deep black hole
A talking nothing
A see-through soul
Been around since before time
And he'll be around when there's no time
He pretends he doesn't know
Look up in his eyes
It's a bird, it's a brain
No, it's the invisible superman

Planet roller
Dwarfed by trees
God of thunder
Down on his knees
Been out into deep space
At the far edge of the starlight
And he says he's made of meat
Look up in his eyes, it's a bird, it's a brain
No, it's the invisible superman
Track Name: God Is Asleep
God Is Asleep

Stunned by the cold
Of the killing reign
An asylum ruled
By the crazed and deranged
Will we hide, will we cry
As they drain the world dry
Under banners waving "God Loves You"?
Fine supreme being, what can he do
In his sleep?
It's all a bad dream

How does he sleep
Through the waves of pain
In the sea of life
We destroy in his name?
Flaming greed, crawling fears
Poison lies, flooding tears
Will the peace that he finds in the dawn
Come of waking to find we are all gone?

God is asleep
And we are his nightmare

It's alright, angel
Just a bad dream
Go back to sleep
Track Name: Some People Pray
Some People Pray

Some people pray to a god of fear
A god, they cry, we must all revere
Some let the stars tell them who is who
Or ask the cards what they ought to do
But I don't believe anybody really knows what's true

You say I'm doomed 'less I chant your chants
Adore your dogma and dance your dance
You zealous fools who pretend to know
Your fiery Hell is where you can go
Cuz I don't believe superstition ever saved a soul

Accipite, et basiate haec omnes: haec est enim puga mea.

Maybe the I there behind the eyes
Will cease to be when the body dies
What if the wonder of chemistry
Is everything we will ever be?
But I don't believe what you see is all there is to me
Track Name: Room 41
Room 41

There`s room for one here
Maybe the queen, maybe the jack
One of us is leaving
One of us never coming back
Weary daylight glows
Vital darkness grows
Hear the she-wolf's howl
See the hunters prowl
But I don`t need a weapon
With nothing in my hand
I can tame a hunter
Or any man

Someone is fading
Is it the shoulder or the rib?
One of us is staying
One of us finally to live
Now the day breaks through
Blackness fades to blue
See the man and wife
See the happy life
For there's no need to suffer
A green and shallow girl
Deep inside a woman
You find the world

Ghost in the window
If this is me then who are you?
Get out by sundown
This head ain't big enough for two
I wish upon the stars
Dream upon the sea
Asking my guitar
Who am I to be?
And I don't need the glory
Don't need a diamond mine
I just need an answer
And I'll be fine
Track Name: Underneath It All
Underneath It All

Oh no
Here it comes again
Why? Why? Why?
I tried to stop it
Didn't have a chance
Who am I?

Oh no
Here I go again
Sad old game
Hate it and love it
Quiet ecstacy
Laced with pain

Can you help me?
I don't know
Seems I decided
A long time ago
One thing I do know
Underneath it all
I need love

Oh no
Can I really be
In this place
A bewildering creature
Turning every eye
From her face?
Track Name: Chopsticks For Enya
Don't ever wanna hear this song again. [no, really, that's what the choir is singing]
Track Name: Babies

Don't be afraid
The world was made
For babies just like we are
Because we don't stop needing
‘Til we're done bleeding
Like ashes in a jar
I don't want to close
Like a wilted rose
Or fade ‘til I don't know near from far

I don't want to rot away
I'll never be too old to play

Don't need to die
Before we fly
To heaven, that's where we go
Whenever we're so happy
We can't stop laughing
‘Til tears begin to flow
It seems we're designed
Just to lose our minds
Well, who needs a mind when you've got soul?

Sometimes a nightmare
This world of dreams
Whirls in illusion
Real as it seems
But there's a question
I have to say
Where do we wake up
As the world's fading away?

I don't want to die too long
I'd rather end like a song
Track Name: Well, That's It
Well, That's It

I don't know what got into you
I don't understand it
I wonder where you're going with all your love
Well, that's it for you and me
I don't know what I'm gonna do
Trying to comprehend it
And feeling kind of battered by all the love
Well, that's it for all our dreams

And that's all very fine, very fine
It all works out in time, out in time
I fell down when I woke up
And I found out you were only using me
I can't wait 'til you come back when you
Find out you had everything you need
Right here with me

Forever went by really fast
Always turned to never
I wonder if we'll ever erase the stain
Well, that's it for me and you
Your fragile faith in fantasy
Dwindled by the hour
Until you lost the power to love in vain
Well, no shit
I lost it, too
Track Name: Twilight

Take me along
When you go
Sing me a song
Way down low
Sing slow, soft, and clear
Do you hear
A lullaby?
Lay the blankets over you
Close your eyes and see the stars
Listen to the clouds